IndieScan #11

What`s happening in the Iron Age and Pulp!

What's happening in Iron Age, Pulp Rev, Comicsgate, Superversive, and other fresh independent media? I'm here to round it all up for you week by week. Keep up with your favorites and find something new!

Read on for this week's scan or watch below:


RH Snow gets an interview on BleedingFool.

Spotlight: Castalia House has been doing Sensor Sweep, a blog post indie news update, forever and was kind enough to link us!

Brian Niemeier starts campaign for the first book in his space fantasy prequel trilogy.

Chuck Dixon drops second Conan novel!

W.S. Wentworth with Misplaced Faith: An Apocalypse Cowboy Adventure.

Already funded and looking slick, Chrome Dog comic on FMC.

Artist hunt:

YouTuber Lugbzurg makes animations for comics creators.

Axandra Yuka has commissions open for animations and other art.

Quasimorph demon hunting roguelike released 10/2.

As promised, Missouri Breaks releases the video for their single I previously covered, Midnight in Montgomery.