IndieScan #12

What`s happening in the Iron Age and Pulp!

What's happening in Iron Age, Pulp Rev, Comicsgate, Superversive, and other fresh independent media? I'm here to round it all up for you week by week. Keep up with your favorites and find something new!

Read on for this week's scan or watch below:


Amaranth Angels has a longer trailer.

Periapsis Press with long form review of Deathbringer.

The Lord Otter releasing The Curse of the Star Wraiths (Steel & Stormbright Book 1), 10/15.

Brina Williamson's Merona Grant series.

365 Infantry teases mini-comic in progress.

Screecher #2 comic live on Kickstarter.

The Mythicals #2 up on FMC as of Saturday 14th.

Skald: The Black Priory, a retro CRPG.

And Space Wreck, also a retro RPG.

TJ (me) releases dungeonsynth tracks to go with Fear the Four Towers.