IndieScan #4

What`s happening in the Iron Age and Pulp!

What's happening in Iron Age, Pulp Rev, Comicsgate, Superversive, and other fresh independent media? I'm here to round it all up for you week by week. Keep up with your favorites and find something new!

Read on for this week's scan or watch below:


Misha Burnett builds Small Worlds.

Zombies! Better start prepping now, with Bayonet Books.

AC Pritchard brings fantasy horror in Mortal Descent.

Jon Del Arroz drops an Audiobook version of The Stars Entwined.


Girl With the Mega Fists faces her destiny.

Dale Keown drops a sick set of Pitt posters.


Revelation Games drops their devlog #1.


Missouri Breaks has 3 recent tracks out, with more coming soon.