What`s happening in the Iron Age and Pulp!

In this special spooky edition, there are so many fresh indie creations it'll drive you maaaaddd!!

Read on for this week's scan or watch below:


Invocations of the Submortal, by William Jeffery Rankin

David J West brings weird west horror.

AC Pritchard starts ongoing all ages series.

Aegeon with a surprise horror drop!

Winnie the Pooh hunts demons.

Halloween Man has the power of the horror sequel!? What does it mean??

New York is the last safe place on Earth during a zombie apocalypse.

Aliens land on Earth after the zom-pocalypse!

Remnant: super warriors stand against the world dictator Apollyon!

Lovecraftian action survival FPS where everyone else has gone insane...

Hack and slash your way out of purgatory!

In Gunhead, plunge deep into infested space wrecks!