Welcome to the Intercontinents

A new universe of adventure

The Intercontinents is my fictional universe, which features a cluster of floating nations that all share the same airspace. Each one has its own unique magic system, culture, and technology. This allows me to create standalone adventures in multiple genres.

Currently there are two books within this universe. The first is a heroic fantasy adventure, which features three heroes who are unwittingly united when an assassin’s plot to kill the King unfolds (The Assassin of Malcoze). The second is a sci-fi treasure hunt, where an explorer uncovers a technological artifact that thrusts him into a battle between a cybernetic demi-god, and the person tasked with safeguarding humanity from him (The Treasure of Lor-Rev). Each of my novels also feature multiple illustrations throughout. In The Assassin of Malcoze, the four main characters are illustrated along with two pieces of scenery. My second novel, The Treasure of Lor-Rev, features all four main characters and thirteen unique scenes illustrated as chapter headers.

My mission with these books is simple; create fast-paced standalone adventures in one larger connected universe.  I want anyone to be able to pick one up and get started, without needing an encyclopedia or having to read every single one.  However, for those who want to become entrenched in the Intercontinents, reading more of these stories will reward you with hints at future stories and additional bits of lore.

Thank you to all my future readers, I'm excited to share these adventures with you.