James Krake is Faceless

Indie Sci-Fi Author-Cyberpunk and Mil SF

There is no night on a space ship. There’s no sunrise to announce a day of work especially when there is no work to be done. That makes the hours drag and blur. The countdown to rescue is the only real clock on the ship. The hope that rescue would actually arrive then is tenuous at best.

The only thing for certain is the ship has no weapons. There’s barely a radio to cry for help, sub-light of course. There’s barely enough power to keep everyone alive. Anymore than that and the enemy might notice.

Naturally, the last thing anyone sane would want to do is turn on their captain, to throw everything into chaos because of doubt and fear. Sooner or later though, someone will covet the captain’s chair. The power to control the radio is the power of life and death in this situation.

And it falls to Ranger Marcus to make sure the wrong person doesn’t end up in that seat.

Ship of Fuls is a military sci-fi novel following the refugees aboard the Demos shuttle. You can find it for sale on Amazon and other major retailers. To find more from the author, you can check out his website.