I Survived the Kali Yuga

A neo-noir detective series and satire strip

I Survived the Kali Yuga is part neo-noir, supernatural detective series and part satire strip. Created in 2018, the series began as a daily webcomic with loose continuity and gradually evolved into ongoing, serialized story arcs with an expansive cast of characters. The serials draw inspiration from the works of Raymond Chandler, Frank Miller, and H.P. Lovecraft and primarily revolve around private detective Edward Black as he balances his personal and professional lives in a world of crime, vice, and eldritch horrors. Several offshoots of this main plot have been released over the years, including The King in Black, a prequel series set in 6th century Europe, and an alternate universe future revolving around Black's daughter, B. Other series in the same universe have been touched on as well, such as Renaissance Man, a series about a disaffected 16th century mercenary, and Gunslinger, a series set in the 1860s about a former Pinkerton agent turned bounty hunter.

Apart from these serials, which are released sporadically as they're finished, daily satire strips keep content ongoing and are released primarily on Facebook. These strips are more comedic in nature and touch on everything from contemporary issues, to politics, to history, to pop culture.