Kamen America

Electrifying Adventure!

Carly Vanders had two dreams -- become a fashion designer and serve her country. While on tour with the USO a unique opportunity to do both those things falls into her lap. Or onto her head. When an irradiated satellite drops out of orbit and lands on her convoy an intense dose of a new form of radiation floods her body with chimeratrons. Empowered with the ability to transform and wield the power of lighting, she sets out make the world a better place as Kamen America.

The world around Carly is more dangerous than it appears. Carly is not the only person out there with powers from this new form of radiation and others are moving to collect and study those powers. The government also has an interest in keeping an eye on her. Worst of all, she must contend with the American media.

It's a lot for a girl from Indiana to deal with. She'll have to figure out how to fit her old friends into her new life while also finding new allies to rely on. Fame -- or infamy, depending on the day of the week -- brings plenty of problems of its own. And Carly herself is going to have to set some priorities. She still wants to help people and be a fashion designer but the potential for the two sides of her life to get in the way of each other has never been higher.

Kamen America is an action and adventure story spanning eight installments that chronicles Carly as she builds a team, learns about the sinister forces of her world and starts to put them right. Heavily inspired by the tokusatsu genre of entertainment, it's light hearted but still heartfelt. Many of Carly's battles are as much about making the right choice as they are about making a clever plan or over powering the enemy.

In short, if you want a story about a good person fighting evil and winning by virtue of virtue, Kamen America has you covered. If you want fun powers with interesting wrinkles to them, Kamen America has you covered. If you want to get invested in a solid story that eventually builds connections with other stories in a larger narrative about the battle of good and evil playing out across the globe? Kamen America has you covered.

If you're interested in checking it out, you can pick up the whole series in individual volumes or omnibus collections from Iconic Comics.