The Long Moonlight In Review

A First Foray Into Pulp Fiction

As a newcomer to pulp fiction, and a long-time lover of traditional, high, and epic fantasy, diving into The Long Moonlight certainly produced a degree of culture shock. Moving from the grand, sweeping epics spanning a dozen volumes to the tightly compact, briskly-paced, and narratively-focused pulps that emulate the stories of yesteryear was an informative experience all the same.

The Long Moonlight, Razörfist’s first pulp novella, stands as a proper introduction for the uninitiated. The pulp format used to convey the story is time tested, and while it’s been abandoned in recent years for derivative facsimiles, its author asserts that it’s likely only a matter of time before the turning of the wheel thrusts pulp back into prominence. While I consider myself unqualified to engage in similar speculation, The Long Moonlight does offer a persuasive argument to that end, and it has convinced me handily that at the very least, pulp fiction is right up my alley

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