MechWest Show

The Frontier Reimagined

In the heart of an alternate Old West, the MechWest Show emerges with a unique idea for a kids show. Spearheaded by AnimSchool Studios, this Kickstarter-funded project is not just a series; it's an adventure that redefines the frontier. The first episode introduces us to Pearl, a young girl with an unorthodox passion for machines, treating them not just as tools but as companions.

AnimSchool Studios, the visionary team behind MechWest Show, is partnering with their educational branch to bring a commitment to excellence in animation production. With a track record of nurturing talent and creativity, AnimSchool brings together a talented team of industry professionals to breathe life into the MechWest universe. Their expertise in storytelling and 3D animation sets the stage for a series that is visually stunning and narratively compelling.

Pearl's journey with her companion, a mech named “Six,” encapsulates the essence of this reimagined world. Unlike the rest of her town, Pearl sees beyond the rust and metal, finding friendship and potential in her mechanical counterparts. This unique bond between human and mech sets the stage for a series of adventures filled with conflict, camaraderie, and the quest for acceptance.

The MechWest Show aims to speed their progress with the power of crowdfunding, their Kickstarter campaign fueling the creation of its episodes. This financial backing is not just about bringing an animated series to life; it's about supporting a vision that merges the charm of old-school storytelling with the boundless possibilities of animation. The campaign aims to continue this journey, expanding the MechWest universe one episode at a time.

For enthusiasts of animation and storytelling, MechWest is more than a show; it's an invitation to explore a world where the boundaries of time and technology blur, creating a narrative that's both familiar and utterly original. As the series continues to evolve, it promises to be a wild ride through a world where mechs roam the desert landscapes, and friendship can turn the tides of fate.

With the Kickstarter campaign underway, the MechWest Show is poised to be a vibrant addition to the animated landscape, offering a fresh take on the classic setting of the Old West. It's a reminder that even in a world of robots and frontier challenges, the heart of the story lies in the connections we forge.

Check out the first episode below and support the Kickstarter if you'd like to see more!