No One’s Safe from 365 Infantry #5!

Danger Ahead in Cyberpulp Stunner

The war rages on, and with daggers waiting around every corner, the cunning forces of the 365th Infantry must stay vigilante to fend off both enemies beyond them, and within their ranks…

The thrilling fifth issue of speculative fiction magazine 365 Infantry goes live on Substack starting June 5th, releasing one story a day until Friday the 9th. Issue 5 will round out the cyberpulp stunner’s first year of operation, and the series shows no signs of hitting the brakes anytime soon.

The War heats up! The soldier Gibson is now a Lieutenant, and his first day on the job proves deadly when the forces of both the Black Country and A.C.E.S. appear in the vulnerable Sector 200, killing recruits under his command. It is up to Gibson, General Knox, and Auto Corp Captain Atlanta Westley to discover who let them pass, and how deep the conspiracy runs in “Caught in the Crosshairs!”

The Hunt rolls on! The mysterious discovery made by Valentina and her hunters reveals itself to have a horrific fail-safe. As the machine dies, a signal calls out across the desert, answered by a ghastly cloud of nanobytes. Can the Hunters survive the epic onslaught of synthetic insects? Find out in “The Electric Swarm!”

The Urban Avenger is back on the streets again! Join Lita and her blood-colored Bug, The Red Devil, as they square off against a jewel thief with an uncanny way of manipulating time. The night will be long for both crook and vigilante in “Crime Backmasked!”

And we’ve got another case to crack open in The Speedfreak Files! While Nic and boys aren’t crazy about seeing another band on Doc’s stage, it isn’t long before the black-furred frontman and his friendly competition have to team up and take down a wicked carjacker in “Rivals Ride Shotgun!”

And in the latest of our Tales from the Front Line, learn what it takes to be a cabbie in the 25th century from one of the perkiest in the business. Luna Carmino tells all about herself and a handsome machine named Moe in “Running the Marathon!”

But the electric excitement doesn’t stop there!

Beloved hero of the Wasteland airwaves Alan Firedale: Desert Delinquent and his steadfast automotive steed Golden Cloud are back again with another thrilling adventure, releasing on June 5th alongside “Caught in the Crossfire.” Firedale, Goldie, and two new friends find themselves forced to face their darkest fears in the surreal horror of “Caged Inferno!”

365 Infantry is fast becoming a mainstay in the modern pulp entertainment sphere, making in moves into music such as killer metal track “Wolves of Steel” with Ruthless creator J.V.P., omnibus releases such as the 2022 Annual Collection, and always delivering quality fiction on a weekly and monthly basis via 365’s paid subscription of $5/Month and $50/Year, including cool-as-ice spy serial “Steeled Spies” and the ongoing anthology of tales found in weekly newsletter Red Light Bytes.

Also of interest is the interactive experience ACC VULT, the tale of disgruntled gray hacker Jon Aegel and the goddess he worships, the sentient A.C.E.S. The cyberhorror ARG kicks off with Red Light Bytes story “The Choice is Yours” where readers are put in Aegel’s shoes to experience their first taste of cyberspace. The project blends densely-layered videos, flash fiction stories, and secrets hidden across the the series’ Substack and its other online presences into a thrilling techno-horror rabbit hole.

With all this and more on the horizon, 365 Infantry continues to stand tall and proud as a pulp franchise like no other, delivering on a singular and distinctive blend of tough action, refreshing characterizations, and an exciting metallic future. Join the Force at, follow us on Twitter @365Infantry, and use our Linktree to find the many ways you can help support us in the fight for quality independent entertainment. May God Bless You and this Iron Age of ours. Read on, Soldier!