Death Mask Fuels Genre Revival?

Bounding Into Comics & Razorfist Talk Pulp

The Dark Herald, of Bounding Into Comics, sat with social and political commentator Razorfist to discuss his latest tale and the future of pulp as a genre. Last year Razorfist published his first pulp, The Long Moonlight, a dark fantasy noir set in the land of Vale. After recapping the events of The Long Moonlight and the setup for his next novel Death Mask, the pair moved onto the history of pulp and its potential revival.

“I think a Pulp Revival is inevitable. Whether it happens now or decades hence. Attention spans have fallen. Smart devices are tucked away in every pocket. Short fiction and bite-sized stories seem the way to go.
Yet, the ‘Phonebook Fantasy’ writers seem to have a minimum page count of 500 and fill the majority of it with worldbuilding bloat. And despite the name, it isn’t all that novel, either. None of them are doing anything terribly interesting to justify it.
- Razorfist

While waiting to see if these predictions come true, Death Mask is available for preorder now and continues the tale of Xerdes as he journeys to Nat’In, The Dead Citadel.

For more on the historical greats of pulp, check out the full interview at Bounding Into Comics.