Review: Eyes In All Shadows

A book that`s terrifying as it is entertaining

As someone who is still relatively new to the Barbarians of the Storm series, I must say that reading the first two entries has been a very pleasant surprise these last few months. Now I'm taking a look at Eyes In All Shadows, Rob Rimes' third and latest entry within his catalogue of Swords-and-Sorcery fiction.

However, this time Dan is nowhere to be found, and Fenrik's role in the story is not quite as prevalent as it once had been before. Unlike Rimes' previous two novellas, this collection of six short-stories has a particular focus on Horror, which I found just as enthralling as it was unsettling. Now covering a cast of characters who come from all backgrounds and walks of life, we are presented with a plethora of stories that each captivate with a mixture of great pacing and strong character development.

Standing before each of them are creatures such as sinister cultists, cosmic vampires, and vile hags. Not only are the monsters horrifically unique both in personality and design, but each story moves at a brisk pace, nor is a single moment wasted as our characters are brought face-to-face with horrible realities, which would drive any normal man insane.

No-one is truly safe here, and almost every decision made by the characters has some sinister and irreversible consequence down the road. Yet although the adventure tends to take several turns for the worse, it is one which I thoroughly enjoyed from start-to-finish. Perhaps I, too, was drawn in by the ultimate, horrific Unknown.

If you are looking for a novella that will truly set your nerves on edge (but in a good way), I highly recommend giving this a look. You can read more about it in my full review on Substack.