Rippaverse Exceeds Expectations

Debute Comic Isom #1 Smashes Crowdfunding Goals

In 2017, Eric July first expressed his frustration with legacy comics as they produced what he described as increasingly propagandistic content and issued degrading responses to fan concerns. Fans, including him, were being taken for granted as quality declined and constant breaks in continuity were excused to accommodate topical social commentary, or just plain bad writing.

Determined to prove his principles would draw fans, Eric July spent years working on the Rippaverse culminating in the story of Avery Silman.

"Avery Silman is a common rancher, but that wasn’t always the case. After obtaining some unique abilities, Avery spent a brief stint being a hero under the moniker Isom in the city of Florepark, Texas. Realizing that it wasn’t for him, he walked away from this life. But after responding to a call from his sister, some violent altercations ensue and has Avery reconsidering his approach."
- Excerpt from Isom crowdfunding campaign

Now his comic has burst into the broader public scene as the crowdfunding campaign exploded past expectations. In less than a month, the campaign exceeded $3 million, more than triple its highest stretch goal. Contrary to the usual pace of crowdfunded projects, the inaugural comic was already completed and the goals were focused on printing and distribution with the stretch goals seeking to fund future comics and the Rippaverse as a whole. Needless to say there will be more comics coming, with Isom #1 already slated to ship in August.