Riptides: Land & Sea

The Alien Invasion Continues

Just over a month ago Blaine Lee Pardoe introduced us to his new military science fiction universe, Land & Sea, with Splashdown. Now, in a torrent of fiction, you can follow the characters of the first book as the alien invasion is in full swing with Riptides.

The world’s oceans are no longer safe.
Mysterious alien invaders have conquered two-thirds of the earth’s surface—its oceans—and now nations are reeling from the savage attacks that have struck every shore. Los Angeles and Washington D.C. are war zones.

Featuring a strange aquatic menace wielding fantastic technology, Land & Sea portrays a near future Earth that must learn to adapt or die. Follow the stories of numerous people, from the highest to the lowest of society as they witness the savagery of the onslaught and fight back however they can. For some of these characters this means struggling to survive or understand the enemy, for others they take a more direct approach.

Central in the human military world of Land & Sea are ASHUR units. Mechs designed to bring immense firepower to the field while utilizing a number of futuristic technologies. Caught in the early chaos of Splashdown, few ASHUR deployments were possible, but as the conflict grows in Riptides I expect mech combat to take center stage in critical battles.

If you love tense scifi drama, mech combat, or worry about what may lurk in the ocean, check out the Land & Sea series today.