Shoot the Devil: Martyr`s Militia

Heroic Horror Anthology Taking Entries!

The latest edition of Crucifixion Press' demon-fighting anthology is busting the doors open for submissions! The critically-acclaimed anthology series that puts everyday humans up against the deadliest the legions of hell have to offer is looking for new recruits in the war against evil! Do you have a pulse-pounding, action-driven story of heroic horror in you? Shoot the Devil: Martyr's Militia might be the perfect fit.

The series began in 2022 with a simple premise: a collection of Iron Age authors would pitch in stories in which evil gets its head handed to it by heroic mortals. A staggering roster of talent was assembled that included the likes of Dragon Award nominee and four-time Helicon Award winner Declan Finn, Hugo record-nominated John C. Wright, and Helicon Award winner Daniel Humphreys, along with fresh blood like Corey Comstock, Stephen G. Johnson and Michael Gallagher. Critics and readers hailed the collection's wide variety of settings and genres from Weird West to Urban Fantasy, with Damascus Mincemeyer at Critical Blast calling Wright's story Fell Beasts "a chill-inducing masterpiece."

That was followed up with 2023's sci-fi themed Shoot the Devil 2: Dark Matter, with both new and returning authors setting their sights towards the horrors forwards to the future and upwards to the stars. Newcomer Trevor Denning's entry, "Daughters of Men" would win the publisher a Helicon in the Short Story category. Now Crucifixion Press, spurred by reader interest, says they're opening the submission pool to any hopeful who wants to put in an offering that adheres to the rules on their website's FAQ Page. The bullet points are make it between 5-10k words, due by May 1, 2024, and yes, you will get paid.

Has your time come? The only way to find out is to submit. Read up on the complete submission details here. Shoot the Devil and Shoot the Devil 2: Dark Matter are both currently available in paperback and for Kindle on Amazon.