Cirsova Presents Small Worlds by Misha Burnett

Kickstarter Campaign Closing Soon!

“Ours is a culture that adores the elephantine, the cyclopean, the Brobdingnagian. Bigger is better, we are told, and the biggest is the best. People love big stories, with a cast of thousands, and Vista-vision widescreen special effects. Heroes must be larger than life, and devils blacker than they are painted, and entire worlds must be set aflame to create an ever-growing hunger for spectacle.

Oh, says I, that’s interesting. But that’s not what I do.”

These are the words with which prolific fantasist Misha Burnett begins to relay the appeal of his latest speculative fiction collection, Small Worlds, presented by Cirsova Publishing.

In a long line of distinctive anthologies such as sci-fi stunner Endless Summer and macabre omnibus An Atlas of Bad Roads, Small Worlds promises to be another engrossing assembly of tales beyond the realms of conventional science fiction and fantasy. With his trademark touch of weird in tow, these 10 stories explore the heroes and worlds who, while not the biggest nor the grandest, are still teaming with adventure, suspense, and imagination.

From the asteroid farms of novella “This Green and Pleasant Sky” to the sword-and-sorcery escapades in "My Grandfather's Grandfather Balled Goddesses," Burnett shows no signs of slowing in his ongoing pursuit of quality, imagination-rich storytelling.

You can back Small Worlds on Kickstarter but hurry soon! The campaign ends May 31st!