Cosmic Dangers Await in JD Cowan’s STAR WANDERERS!

8 Tales of Science Fantasy Thrills & Cyberpunk Intrigue

From Cirsova Publishing and author JD Cowan come the stories of two extrodinary heroes, and the fateful day their paths cross: Star Wanderers!

Detective Ronan Renfield (a face familiar to readers of ANVIL #2) is a bringer of law and order, a Galactic Enforcer sworn to protect the innocent and bring evil-doers to justice. Meanwhile, a nameless knight errant, known only as “The Agent,” hunts down the wicked fiends and blasphemous beasts who threaten the natural order of the cosmos. Alone, they face these strange, diabolical horrors and the corrupt, dangerous criminals who threaten civilization.

Together, they are the Star Wanderers!

This collection contains eight extrodinary tales of cyberpunk mystery and sword-and-raygun adventure, including four exclusives! Along for the ride is a soundtrack single by composer and 365 Infantry creator Jacob Calta, representing the book’s dynamic heroes with two striking pieces of old-school electronica.

Available in digital, hardcover, trade paperback and pocketbook form, learn more about the dangers faced and the worlds explored on Kickstarter. Campaign ends May 23rd!