The Rise of Men

Tales of Hope and Honor

The Starshatter series is a pulpy space opera series, heavily inspired by 80's Sci-fi and old school Sword&Planet books. It is set in an alternate history universe, where Earth walked many a path less chosen. The Terran Imperial Minarchy was created shortly after the end of the Great War, or the conflict known to us as WW2, and Humanity has been a spacefaring civilization since the early 50s.

It is the year 2022 by Earth's calendar.

Humanity, being one of the truly underdog star states, was forced to colonize Fringe Space – a large expanse rife with piracy, slavery and a multitude of other dangers. Together with their few alien allies and their newly created brothers in sentience, the intrepid Terrans fight for their survival. To face their oppressive, slaving enemies, without the aid of the uplifted gorillas, bunnies, and hamsters, would be nigh suicidal.

Many aggressors roam Fringe Space, including the arrogant Pirate Lords, vile drug running Cartels, and heartless slavers. Without respite, beset almost on all sides, the benevolent Humans fight tooth and nail. They are willing to die, burn in plasma fire, but ensure the future of their progeny.

Freedom, Hope, and Life Eternal!