Sword of Stars

Book Two: Cursed Fates

A twist of fate sends Kestrel and Aria onto different life paths, as Aria's enigma of a father, Lord Cyrus Phoenix, suddenly comes back into her life. Aria's whole life is turned upside down. Now she must embrace a legacy she never knew she had, as she is plunged into the world of the elite. Navigating the viper pit of social circles, and given an opportunity that people either envy or despise.

Kes, with Aria's leaving, and with war on the horizon, decides to walk the path of a soldier. Believing that in the military he will find a new purpose. Thankfully, he is not alone as Gavyn makes the choice to follow him. Determined to help fashion Kes into a formidable warrior, and ensure his survival.

While the two begin to settle into their new lives, war erupts between Tartha and Sakkara, and life as they know it changes yet again as both are dragged into the harsh reality of the conflict. Kes sees the conflict from the front lines, trying to survive, and Aria from the perspective of a noble, with the politics that steer the course of the war.

Despite the chaos, fate seems to pull the two together. Kes makes a new friend and Aria makes a new ally in the noble-born soldier Kyros Tuari. Both must put faith in this nebulous person, who has yet to prove himself to either. One thing is certain, this war is just beginning, and its effects will upend their lives.

Cursed Fates is the second book in the six-book Sword of Stars Series. Maps and illustrations are given to help immerse the reader further into the story. The intrigue of ancient history and various mythologies helped inspire and set the stage for this installment. Beloved characters come back, and some new ones are introduced. My personal favorite, a Wildling Prince, makes his debut in this book. For anyone concerned about investing in another series, never to be completed. All six books are written. I am trying to maintain publishing cycle of every other year to pace the books, as well as be able to pay for the publishing as they are all self-published.

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