Tales Of The Unreal

Horror In The Style of The Old Masters

In this inaugural volume of Tales Of The Unreal, the editors at The Unreal Press have collected 13 stories sure to frighten and excite you. Classic pulp Magazines and Novels inspire this Anthology, in particular Weird Tales, a long-running magazine of Science Fiction, and Horror stories. Weird Tales published great writers like H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard of Conan fame, and Clark Ashton Smith who wrote, among other great works, the chronicles of Zothique. Most importantly, the designers of Weird Tales had an unmistakable style that influenced Pulp artwork for decades.

Weird Tales

Authors like James Krake, Ogden Nesmer, Guy Hayes, and Zulu Alitspa have all published their own works of fiction, and I’m glad that they lent their talents to this, our first foray into Pulp Fiction. Each story has a preceding work of black-and-white art from Guy Hayes. A lot of genuine appreciation for Horror fiction and its writers inspired the creation of this series, and we hope to one day be seen as a legitimate spiritual successor to Weird Tales and all of the authors who founded this genre we love.

If you would like to participate in future volumes of Tales, please submit short stories, poems, and even book reviews to UnrealPressAndPodcast@proton.me. Also, subscribe to our Youtube where we upload related content!