Team "And More"

A Group for Aspiring Authors

"#TeamAndMore is an Everyone Is Welcome thing." – Jamie Ibson

The idea for #TeamAndMore came out of the group of authors working on Michael Z. Williamson's Freehold: Resistance anthology. It refers, specifically, to anthology authors whose names don't appear on the cover of said anthology. Most anthologies list a bunch of contributors who have some reader recognition on the front cover. Then, because cover space is limited, that list usually concludes with something like "...and more!"

As The Lore ™ has it, Kacey Ezell (who, as Jamie says, is "All About That Teamwork") coined the name. Jamie Ibson ran with the name and developed the red circle logo. Then Rob Marshall of Creative Gems did up a patch, which meant - of course - at some point, the Team needed a website. And so the (unofficial) home of #TeamAndMore was born.

We don't care if you write for CKP, Baen, Three Ravens, Cannon, Raconteur, some little publishing house nobody has heard of, or some Big Publishing house everyone has heard of. As Jamie said, #TeamAndMore is an 'everyone is welcome' thing.

With the rise of digital publishing and collaborative services like PubShare, open-call anthologies are a great way for fledgling authors to spread their wings and get published. We want to recognize & support new authors who make their first steps into print via anthologies. The #TeamAndMore website is intended as a place to both showcase those authors and provide aspiring authors with the resources and information they might need to join the Team.

If you're a reader, stop by the site and check out the list of anthologies Team members have been in. If you're a writer who's part of the Team, let us know and we'll add you to the list. If you're not a member yet - but you would like to be! - check out the list of open-call anthologies and writing resources our members recommend.