New Dread Conflict

The Black Terror Rejoins the Fray This Fall

"Following a successful crowdfunding campaign this spring, Von Klaus and his talented team will be releasing a new entry to their dark universe. Klaus has a knack for creating a vivid bridge between action and horror elements, presenting it in a wonderfully vibrant style. This style distinctly captures the rhythm of its fast-paced dark avenger racing to overcome his terrible enemies. If Klaus’ first comic Monster M.D. is any indication of what’s in store for readers, the writing will also have plenty to offer when it comes to providing solid story interspersed with timely jokes.

From the crowdfunding page:

TERROR IN THE TRENCHES is a 78 page dark avenger action epic, the first in a brutal trilogy. Black Terror and his fear inducing terror gas made him the boogeyman of the trenches in WW2. 30 years later he's gone from black-clad hero to humble New York City pharmacist, Dr. Robert Benton. When vengeful super-nazis known as The Black Reich bomb his hood into oblivion he must don the dark mantle once again, and fight for his life in the trenches that were his streets against his darkest sins come back to haunt him.

In particular, there will always be a recurring need to celebrate justice being delivered by the hand of a resolute vindicator; perhaps never more than against the super Nazi. Will this book’s villains present as nothing more than an empty casket filled with straw? Or can we expect something deeper and darker to emerge from the historical Deutschland, a horror that evolves the main character into a heroic status? Transcending beyond this common theme of killing Nazis would elevate Terror in the Trenches into a remarkable experience that matches the eye-popping artwork of the comic’s fundraising campaign."