The Man Behind The Monster

The Dark Emperor Makes His Debut

Beginning of Chapter 1:

“The foul stench of rotten flesh filled the air as war waged on. Its musty odor lingered for days, and its noxious fumes overwhelmed the senses of all who stood before it. With their basic functions distorted and relying mostly on instinct, the armored soldiers attacked wildly, aimlessly swinging their weapons in hope that they would eventually hit their target.”

Are you looking for a fast-paced action story with creative, and entertaining fight scenes? Or perhaps you’d like to read a story about a doctor who uses his knowledge of anatomy to punish his opponents as opposed to helping people? If so, you should check out Beast Masters: Conquest Vol. 1. Chapter 1 of the ebook is available to read for free.

The Man Behind The Monster is the first story arc in the Beast Masters series. It follows the story of a military commander who betrays his king and declares war on an entire nation. Operating under a codename that’s synonymous with death, Mortem is a one-man army with a dangerous ability, and he won’t let anything stop him from accomplishing his goal. Is this man truly a blood-thirsty monster? Or is he hiding something else underneath all that armor?

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