The Precipice: Gray Hours #1

Does power define you? Change you? What is power?

Forty years ago, the sky fell. Meteors blasted cities and scarred continents.

Grace Phillips grew up in a world where people could leap tall buildings with a single bound, fly, and throw bright light from their hands, and see the world with more than human senses. It was the impossible, always just out of reach. It enthralled her, that mystery for the ages.

Superheroes and villains fueled her imagination, and she has arrived at Aylesbury College to chase that passion. It is going to be amazing!    This is the start of her era.

Except something's wrong. In the pressure to excel pain begins creeping up on her, at first annoying, then distracting... then it's all she can think about."

But something is wrong. Pain creeps up on her, at first annoying, then distracting... Then it is almost all she can think about.

And in wake of the pain, she is changed. The world is sharper, clearer, and its mysteries open themselves up for her to know. She can see the world in a new lens, but is she wiser? Grace was always going to be the one they remembered.

Borrowing inspiration from long-running comics like  Invincible  and  The Boys, as well as more oblique sources like  The Incredibles, The Precipice is an eclectic mix of influences telling the origin story of a villain who once hoped to change the world for the better. And the consequences of letting anger and power get the better of you.

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