The Shifting Volumes 1 & 2

Forced into a Fantasy World by an Eternal Entity

Nakamura is a scientist based in Tokyo going about his daily life when a work project goes awry. Seeking forbidden knowledge leads to incurring the wrath of God, not one to waste an opportunity, God makes use of the deceased Nakamura.

Now reincarnated into a fantasy land where monsters and Magic are abound, the rules of his old world and scientific facts he held dear are now for nought.

Reborn as a baby named Alat and shouldering an unknown mission from God, being one of a kind, not of a single species, but a hybrid. Where will his life take him and will he be accepted as an entity that should not exist?

Allies will be needed, pacts will have to be made, tragedies will be a constant plague and his morals will have to be cast aside. Will Alat be able to maintain his humanity in the face of such outcomes? Find out in The Shifting, Vol 1 and Vol 2.