The Son of Hades

A Demigod Must Survive his Extended Family

In Greek Mythology and modern literature, there are stories about sons of Zeus and sons of Poseidon, but what about a son of Hades?

The Son of Hades is told by Euphemia, the storyteller. She recounts the tale of Keegan Odysseus Donahue in vivid detail, from how his parents met to how he became—well, I won’t get ahead of myself.

The story begins many ages ago, with the heinous act of a desperate deity, the death of the youngest of the Graces at the hand of Hades. This act leads Zeus to make an edict that condemns any child of Hades to death.

Sometime later, Angelia, daughter of Hermes, visits Keegan’s mother, Lady Donahue, and whisks her and the small child away to live hidden from all who would carry out Zeus’s edict.

Years later, having grown up in his father’s shadow, Keegan is hated and shunned by many, save for his own mother and the daughter of Hermes, until he meets a beautiful demigoddess, Helen Adonia, that takes a liking to him.

But this is a Greek comedy, and happiness cannot find our hero so easily. Helen is a descendant of the Graces and is therefore an heir of Hades’ curse, and now Keegan must set out to confront his father in order to save his friend.

But the journey will not be an easy one. With the heat of Zeus’s edict bearing down on his neck, Keegan will need all the help he can get to make it to the Underworld alive. Fortunately, Angelia and her companion, Delma Chantal, have decided to accompany him on his quest.

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