The Whisper

Experimental Webcomic

The Whisper is an experimental webcomic that follows the intrigues of a mysterious character who battles corruption through unexpected and at times extreme means. Striking visuals draw from the works of Frank Miller, Jack Kirby, and Alberto Breccia while blending religious and Lovecraftian themes as the story weaves through a complex tale of gritty, old school heroism.

Once, a man built a city. Dali, a privatized metropolis created to operate with total autonomy and independence from the outside. On the surface, Dali is an example of prosperity and development for the rest of the world, a true model city. But behind this appearance, the city hides dark and dangerous secrets. Rumors about a drug who can cause transformations in some who consume it. A man known only as The Whisper arrives, declaring a bloody war against the city's criminal establishment. Seen by some as a hero and by others as a monster, Whisper goes on to impose his mysterious plan for the future of Dali, which will lead the city either to salvation or complete destruction.

To watch that plan unfold, follow this tale of old school heroism at The Whisper.