Treasure of the Apache

An old school western pulp novel

Do you miss the days when the Western was as standard a story as the overhyped superhero genre of today? Do you miss the days when you could buy a new Western novel from Max Brand at your local drugstore or see Randolph Scott blaze the trail on the silver screen?

Those days are not in the past.

Treasure of the Apache takes lessons from those good old days when the West was king—inspired by the pulps of the 30s, old Hollywood films of the ’50s, and the Spaghetti Westerns of the ’60s. It is a pastiche that takes the best elements of the three and runs with them.

It’s 1865 in the then Arizona Territory and the Civil War has ended, but the actual fighting hasn’t even started. A Samaritan, a girl, two seasoned cowboys, and a gang of outlaws are hunting for stolen gold in hostile Apache Territory. Lives will be lost just so a few can gain the world, but they will lose their souls.

Treasure of the Apache is a stand-alone Western novel published via DRAFT2DIGITAL, available in print and E-Book. Two bonus stories, Sullivan’s Stand and Mean Business at the Dragon Tooth Pass, set in the same universe, are available to read on my Substack.