Unbreakable Argonauts #1

Discover the Pulp Universe in Comics

The Unbreakable Argonauts #1 is set in the Golden Age, 1952, and follows a team of seven heroes, some of whom are homage to classic pulp heroes and others more traditional superheroes. When their rogues gallery all unite for the first time, they kidnap one of the heroes in the hopes of harvesting his powers to resurrect an ancient villain to join their team. This is the first issue in a two-part story arc, and my hope is for this to become an ongoing series.

My campaign will cover a comic that will be at least 40 pages of content upon completion, if we are successful then work will begin on issue 2, which I hope to have ready for a crowdfund by the end of the year. We have a range of perks, including an A4-format art book for all the covers plus bonus material.

The Unbreakable Argonauts #1 begins a two-part first story arc in the greater Argonauts Universe. This story follows a team of pulp-inspired Golden Age heroes who set off on an adventure to rescue two of their own when their rogues gallery unite. Will the heroes be able to foil their enemy's plan before they can resurrect a being of pure evil? Back the campaign on IndieGoGo today!