Wilting Blood

Vampire Hunters, War, and Self Improvement

Wilting Blood is the story nation of Fallende’s struggle against the horrific Blutsaugers, who threaten to either enslave or devour the country's citizens. The Blutsaugers appeared forty years before the start of the first book when a woman named Aswia, claimed as a deity by the Blutsaugers, began to spread her corrupting blood throughout the nation's center.

In the present day, the series follows the story of Isaac Shwarzschilde, a gravity Elemental and one of the many war orphans who are forcibly conscripted into the war against the Bluts. Though Isaac is the series's main character, the story offers a myriad of perspectives from character on both sides of the conflict.

The first book, Red Revival, is available now for purchase on Amazon and is a must-read for those who are looking for a thrilling new fantasy epic.