Year One in Review

A Brief Look Back

Just over a year ago I decided to answer RazörFist’s call to ‘Become the Culture’ by launching this site, with the modest expectations of maybe helping a few folks get their work seen by more people. Since then I’ve been fortunate enough to find myself blowing past anything I’d imagined and the #IronAge going from something I believed in conceptually, to a real, tangible thing in my daily life.

Discovering a Vast Pool of Talent

When I fired up IronAge Media, I was tired of complaining more than anything else, but in truth I also wasn’t sure what I’d find in the broader, smaller indie space. After all, beating the dreck the various old media apparatus is putting out isn’t so much a hurdle as a tripping hazard. Instead what I found was genuine craftsmanship and artistic talent in every medium and genre I looked to. While there were plenty of rough edges as I’d expected, there were also some excellent, polished gems that offered experiences not available anywhere else.

Connecting with Incredible People

High on the list of surprising experiences this past year has been the number of interesting people I’ve gotten to meet thanks to IronAge Media. Each indie creator I’ve spoken with has been a treat, but the most surreal has definitely been getting to chat with folks I’ve followed for years. Their willingness to chat with someone new to the space has only reinforced to me that a key feature of the #IronAge is helping the little guy, and not pulling up the ladder.

Founding ANVIL: Iron Age Magazine

The indie world has seen its share of success stories this year, and I’m humbled to claim a part of that with ANVIL: Iron Age Magazine. Starting a magazine wasn’t even on the radar a year ago, but it has become my favorite part of the past year. Getting to join into the growing new media economy has been an exciting, and at times terrifying, learning experience. Seeing firsthand the hunger for new, authentic products has reinforced my belief that consumers are ready to find something new. (Get it here if you're living under a rock.)

Building a Community

While I’ve always maintained that I’m not the arbiter of the #IronAge, and it’s not a particular club, there have been a group of amazing people that have been incredibly helpful. From authors and artists responding to the weekly prompts, to the wonderful folks who write articles and reviews, the support I’ve received is the reason I’ve been able to keep things running and growing. A special thanks goes out to each of you.

Plans for the Future

Heading into the next year I’m not sure what to predict after such an unexpected year. I can guarantee the site will be prettier, and slicker than it is right now, and that ANVIL will keep rolling, beyond that I just hope the tide continues to rise, and we all are lifted by it.