ANVIL: Iron Age Magazine

Issue #2 Crowdfunding Now

In this age of derivative and propagandistic mainstream media, creators across mediums and genres have begun pushing back. ANVIL celebrates and highlights those artists and authors drawing inspiration from the roots of comics and pulp. Heralding the rediscovery and refocus on quality over ideology which is already underway, and gaining momentum.

Available now is Issue #2, a collection of lite-horror themed fiction and comics! This issue aims to match and hopefully exceed the fantastic first issue. More stories and more comics per issue than the first. Help fuel the Iron Age and support the campaign on FundMyComic, a dedicated site for indie creators run by #IronAge creator Luke Stone. With the many lessons learned from the first issue I guarantee the arrival of this issue in early October, a perfect time for the tales within.

Back in May I posted an article about the issue #1 campaign. I'll also continue to post about the fulfillment progress on the updates page of the campaign, but as of this article I expect we'll be wrapped up in the next day or two.

I am excited to see the first issue in people's hands, and you have my gratitude for your support so far. If you enjoy it I hope you'll check out the next issue, and if you missed out, there's a chance to get an overrun copy of the first issue on the campaign right now!