Hand of the Executioner: City of Chains

Surviving a Grimdark Fantasy

Imagine a world that's already ended, where evil has already won. To the far north, demonic gods reign and demand unspeakable sacrifices from their mutated followers. On the Uronian continent, wars never end, and the rights of the common people are trampled under the bootheel of the powerful. Dark machines churn out infernal smog and monsters are as common on the battlefield as men. Those few bold and foolish explorers that dare venture out beyond the safety of Uron are rarely heard from again, but when they do they come back as gibbering madmen. The undead prowl the night, the nobles enslave entire nations in their lust for power. Witches and slithering things form foul pacts in the night.

Now imagine the most dangerous city among all the kingdoms, a fortress bulwark against the northern barbarians and their reality-altering gods. A city of enslaved corpses and brutalised citizens, a place where only the strong survive. This is Adelstrad, the City of Chains.

It's under threat from within. Dark sorcery combines with treason into a brewing conspiracy that could spell the death of the entire city. It's only hope? Viktor. The city's executioner, himself a criminal convicted of some foul misdeed he won't speak of. He's set to unravel the brewing catastrophe, if only because his superiors dangle the promise of a pardon in front of his nose. Viktor is the closest thing we have to a hero. Will he be enough?

Step into the world of a darker kind of hero. Step into the City of Chains, available now on Amazon.