Escaping Fate

Your Intro to the Paradox Series

Every boy is on the Road to Manhood. Will he know what to do when he gets there?

How many times have you wished you had known as a young man what you know now? Have you ever wished you could visit your younger self and advise him to make different choices?

What if you yourself couldn't do it, but an uncle could? Even if the uncle is mysterious and a little bit scary? How about if he's basically a James Bond villain with multiple underground lairs across time and space, legions of dedicated minions, fleets of aircraft and fast cars? And let's not forget the time machines.

Pete, a hard-luck, fatherless boy, is rescued from the crooked Road to Regret by his time traveling uncle, then transplanted into another reality where he learns the truth about life, love, and full-contact sports.

"As a man who grew up without fathering and had to figure things out the hard way, I really wish the younger version of me had read this book…" – Amazon Review

Paradox is like nothing you've read before. As Pete navigates a labyrinth of alternate realities, he will unravel history's hidden truths, confront a sinister pan-continuum conspiracy, vie for a world championship, decipher the elusive art of success with women, and even save the world.

Well, one world, maybe...
Escaping Fate is the first leg of Pete's odyssey.
High adventure + men + fiction = The Paradox Series by Henry Brown.
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