The Eternal Stones 1: Flower of Light

A timeless story of magic and adventure

Dive into this epic fantasy novel that will bring you back to the times of The Neverending Story, Dragonlance, The Princess Bride, and the colorful atmosphere of the anime and manga of the 80s and 90s (ever heard of Slayers?).

In the World of Light there's a mythical Flower that's not a real flower, and it holds in itself the Elements of Creation.

Each generation, new heroes are chosen to be the Wardens of Light and to protect the Flower's sacred stones by mastering their incredible powers. But not everyone can bear the weight of destiny in the same way, and it's easy to stray from the path of Light.

Ten years ago, evil forces caused the circle to be broken, and the true power remained hidden. But now, the time has come for a new balance. The time has come for the fated Wardens to awaken and set things right.

Flower of Light is a story of opposites, the eternal struggle between good and evil. The fire of love against the shadows of hate, duty and betrayal, freedom and faith. The journey of a group of selfless heroes and their perilous fight against ruthless villains.

It doesn't matter how dark the night might be, because the light of dawn will always return to shine.

The Eternal Stones series has something for everyone: many fun and unique characters, mysterious magic, ominous prophecies, engaging fights, romantic moments, painful trials, laughs and tears, all packed in a narration suited for the whole family (reading age from 15 to 150!).

The first book, Flower of Light by Allison Wade, is now available on Amazon in ebook, paperback, and hard cover editions. You can also download a free 44-pages preview from the series website The Eternal Stones.