Halloween Never Dies!

The Spooky New Tabletop RPG, Black Paper Moon

"A breath of nervousness expelled from the candidates as they approached the prestigious and towering Umbra Wood Academy. Would-be-not-dipsticks come prepared with their crafted weapons, talents, and training. This is the place where heroes, known as Hunters, forge their own paths by honing their mind, body, and spirit."

At Vindicated Entertainment, Halloween Never Dies! Their latest tabletop game, Black Paper Moon, is currently available for preorder after having a successful Kickstarter run! But beware, due to rising manufacturing costs, this is the most affordable the physical version will be for the foreseeable future!

Black Paper Moon sets itself apart by being a spooky and whimsical tabletop RPG, where players are challenged with building a “Die Tower,” a literal tower made of dice (and yes, there’s wordplay there). For those playing online, or under circumstances that would make playing with the Die Tower difficult, there’s also a “Die Roll” variant!

In this spooky and whimsical TTRPG, you take on the role of a Hunter, trained by an academy to slay monsters who live within the darkness. Race, powers, and weapons are entirely up to you in this very narrative-driven character creation.

To play, you'll just need the Black Paper Moon rules, several six-sided dice, and some friends looking to have a fun time fighting dark monsters! Everything you need will be included with the physical game!

This game is inspired by series like Soul Eater, Harry Potter, Konosuba, and RWBY, focusing on style, chaos, bombastic powers, and zany circumstances while adventuring through fantastical lands.

It's time to gather around the candlelit table for a dark and stormy night, and dive in…

Pre-order Black Paper Moon