Waifu Fun In Board Game Form!

The New Anime Dating Game

Anime is on the rise and so are board games, so it shouldn’t be to anyone’s surprise that these two are being smashed together for a unique experience unlike any other!

Players will battle the hell out of each order to earn their respective waifu’s heart. Every waifu has their own effects, some are nice, allowing you to draw cards and protect you, while some aren't so nice…

While attempting to play move cards on waifus, players will have action and favor cards that will keep everyone on their toes. Actions have all sorts of effects, while favor cards automatically gain the corresponding waifu, however, WATCH OUT, because ANY player can cancel your favor with a favor of their own.

Gameplay is simple, yet strategic, leaving it so anyone can play, but those that can think a few steps ahead will have the advantage.

If you think you have what it takes… or just love beautiful waifu art, then Heartseeker is for you. Check it out today, right on Kickstarter.

We also have an awesome trailer to win your heart, watch it on YouTube.

Thank you and stay awesome!

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