Rogue Elements

Ryan Drake Inspired Short Film

Rogue Elements is a short film project that is set to start filming in April of 2023. Based on an action thriller book series written by the author Will Jordan the film centers around Ryan Drake; a former British army soldier, who now works for the CIA. Will Jordan might be more commonly known by his alter ego "The Critical Drinker" under which he has amassed a large following on YouTube. His content videos largely consist of movie reviews wich are beloved by his fans for the charismatic manner in which they are done. Using sarcasm, witty humor and, expert analysis, drinker tears down or uplifts Hollywood films.

Jordans most ambitious project to date takes him into the world of filmmaking, where he, together with a team of professionals, is bringing to life a character of his own making: Ryan Drake. The premise of the film follows Drake as he is tasked with infiltrating a heavily fortified base and recovering a valuable CIA asset. Unbeknownst to Drake, an assassin is tracking his every move and before he can escape the base a gun fight breaks out. Filmmaking is an expensive endeavor and, the better one aspires to make the film, the more costly it's gonna get. Rogue Elements is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and, has blown past its initial goal in a matter of hours. The crowdfunding campaign has assigned stretch goals that, if hit, will raise the quality of the production. Stretch goals range from additional filming days, to additional scenes, to replacing CGI with real explosions and, using military vehicles on set.

There is also talk of a motorcycle machine gun chase so, stay frosty.

If this article has sparked a bit of curiosity in you dear reader, then head over to Kickstarter and back Rogue Elements today.