Shadow Sentry Breathes New Life

While books we loved drown in the wake of the Woke

It’s nice to finally find a series that captures the essence of what we all came to love in comics in the first place. Spandex wearing superheroes were typical fan-fare and the concept of good and evil was not blurred beyond all recognition. That’s what makes Shadow Sentry a breath of fresh air, with a fresh take on the tried-and-true superhero genre that isn’t afraid to put masculine men and beautiful women back in the spotlight! While it’s a blast from the past with many readers saying they can feel the 90’s nostalgia seeping from the pages, it’s also a solid story, which sadly many 90’s books lacked.

“I just devoured both books. Best comics I have read in a long time. Mic drop. You have made me a fan for life!” - Christopher Aldrich

Shadow Sentry utilizes the concepts of heaven and hell / Good vs. Evil which makes it instantly relatable and easy to connect with. it’s also highly character driven, and this book offers up quite a few characters to keep you entertained, much in the same way Marvel did with its various X titles back in the day. So what’s it all about? What’s the premise of the Shadow Sentry? It’s this--What if you had a near death experience, but when you awoke, you found you now had supernatural powers? You had brought back a piece of the eternal with you? Hell Born, Revenants sent back on an errand of doom must battle the High Born, agents of Heaven, for the fate of mankind. But throw into the mix a hybrid of Hell Born, High Born parents, who has been thought dead for the past 18 years with unlimited potential—and you have yourselves a power struggle for the ages. Who will win him to their side? Will he lead the war against the Hell Born to stop them? Or will he be the one to lead the war against the world and send it into oblivion!?

"Book showed up today. Excellent read. I thought the first one was one of the best written of the CG crowd and this one tops that. We need more people to find out about these books bro. This is good stuff. I can't wait for the next one!" - Daniel Craig

The first Shadow Sentry book launched its crowdfunding debut in 2020 from Eric Ninaltowski (writer/illustrator), fulfilling in 2021; and book 2 fulfilled in 2002. Now Eric has launched a new spin off series to offer to fans a more in-depth look at the cacophony of characters in the regular series. Shadow Sentry: Origins will focus on two characters and their personal stories which lead them to become part of the Hell Born and High Born. This two story 48 page extravaganza boasts a Yakuza crime drama with ninjas, a cyborg samurai, military mayhem, and the generous helping of blood splatter. Hopscotch is the Japanese – American teleporting Hell Born who is caught in the middle of her Yakuza crime lord father’s overreaching schemes and must seek revenge on those responsible for her and her families death. Unfortunate for them she was sent back to the land of the living! This story also boasts quite the creative team with Mark Poulton on script (Avengelyne, Savage Hawkman, USAssassin); Clayton Barton on layouts and breakdowns (How to Draw; Eric Ninaltowski on finishes; Kevin Anthony De Castro on colors; and Eric Weathers on letters!

The High Born story will focus on Commander Noble, the leader of the Shadow Sentry, and his near death experience as a Marine which lead him to obtain the power of indestructibility in Afghanistan shortly after 9/11. Eric has also tapped up and coming writer Clay Pauley to help him with the script on this story, while Eric will handle pencils and inks.

The Shadow Sentry: Origins campaign ends on April 24th, but will stay in-demand before it fulfills.

Check out the current crowdfunding campaign here on Indiegogo with catch-up tiers if you’re just joining the story!
You can also find a second chance campaign on the newly launched Fund My Comic website.