We Are Studio YGKrow

And we’re bringing bombastic action back!

Animation is expensive; action animation is doubly so. Still, our crew behind Indie animation Studio YGKrow seek to bring back the action-packed intensity found in older cartoons that you just don’t see anymore.

We see a great enthusiasm from fans pushing new IPs, and ideas. These stem from a frustrating disconnect between the fans and the creatives chosen to carry the legacy of tales we love. We agree! But, what else can be done? Our solution was, instead of complaining, to create something new with a promise to respect the material and the fans. This is why we’re so excited about the ‘Iron Age’ of Media. Even if legacy mismanagement weren’t an issue, the diminishing returns of a decade of nostalgic pandering warrant something fresh.

It’s not impossible to create familiar experiences with new ideas, and characters. Take our premiere series Kythera Zero, made as a blend of ideas old and new. Kythera Zero is an original IP, a story about a cyborg agent living in a dystopian world, and dealing with the transhumanist horror of her new body. Despite my grim description, It’s a silly series with serious undertones that draws on the things we loved growing up in the late 90s and early 00s. All of our ideas are like that - they blend the familiar with the fantastical, and we want to share these stories and more with all of you.

Animation is expensive and we want to keep doing it. We have the passion, we just need the eyes and the funds to keep bringing new quality content. The studio’s mission is not just to revive the energy seen in older media, but to revive the western enthusiasm for animation in general. Our ultimate goal is to operate both as a studio and as a way to give upstarts a chance without them going into six figure college debt.

We aren’t political, we believe in a true diversity born of availability where everyone who wants to put in the effort can be a voice added to the pot to challenge, change, excite, and teleport us to new worlds. What we create, we respect! We acknowledge that every media brand has an inherent identity. Therefore, the question isn’t “should we make more?,” It’s “How do we keep it respectful?” It’s a balancing act that has gone sorely under-utilized.

We believe the Iron Age of media sits beyond corporate pandering to “modern audiences.” We believe it lies beyond trendy gimmicks, and safe content. We believe the Iron Age will be forged by the fiery passions of people tired of being disrespected by the media they once revered. We stand with the Iron Age ideal and cannot wait to help bring back a simpler time when storytellers actually cared.

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