The Mythicals are here to save us!

What would you do if monsters were REAL?

The Mythicals is a supernatural action mystery that focuses on Nancy Moon as she gets recruited by Level M, a covert task force comprised of creatures from myth and legend. Their mission? Protecting humanity from supernatural and magical threats. It’s all connected... The Mythicals manages to streamline ancient religions and tales and blend them into a cohesive story. After 15 years of being on hold, the time is NOW.

Long ago, a spell banished what we call Mythicals from our realm. A few were granted amnesty to protect The Veil, the barrier that keeps Mythicals from re-entering our world. Every now and then, a piecing occurs and Level M gets called to action. Monsters, magic, and mayhem ensue when this crazy cast of characters gets together. Character development is very important in a team book. What is it like when a 2000 year old vampire has to take orders from a wise cracking field commander? Let’s find out! Villains are villains in this universe! Sympathetic villains are boring!!! Horror comics are a lost art form even in comics. Things are changing...

This is a classic 24 page floppy that will stretch across 13 issues and that is it! No bleeding blood from the stone here. We get to borrow a page from Indiana Jones and take an action packed romp all over the world as our heroes race against The Inquisitor and the forces of darkness to collect 8 artifacts that will fulfill an ancient prophecy intended to shatter The Veil.

South River Studios has managed to combine the best parts of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and combine it with the action and hilarious team dynamic of WildC.A.T.S. and fusing in some old school X-Files conspiracy and intrigue. Each issue just makes you want to say “WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!” For every question answered, more are posed. Can you figure out the puzzle?

Image comics had some of the best art the comic book medium had to offer but the writing was lacking. This story is everything. You will get immersed in the plot as you watch these beautiful pages turn! As the Iron Age gains more momentum, we decided to leave Indiegogo for FundMyComic going forward. Free speech for all without having to look over your back is paramount to artistic freedom and expression.

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