A Student Avoiding Study

Prompt for May 3, 2023

'A Student Avoiding Study' is the weekly art prompt for Wednesday, May 3, 2023. IronAge Media is taking submissions inspired by this text prompt through May 18, 2023. The following categories are open:

  • Physical: All physical mediums from pencil, to sculpture, to unfiltered or modified photography.
  • Digital: All digital mediums from tablets, to filtered or modified work from other sources.

To enter your submission send an email with a link to your work along with the title, a brief description of the medium used, and your prefered byline. You will need to host your content yourself, via Substack or another image hosting service. I will need to be able to link directly to the image.

After a month of prompts has passed, all categories that recieve at least eight submissions (across all prompts for that time period) will be entered into a popular vote. Details will be posted when voting occurs. Editor picks may occur with less than eight submissions, especially with lower volume mediums. Winners of the vote and editors picks will be contacted for some additional information and featured on the site on a weekly basis.

If you have questions check out the FAQ and feel free to reach out.